Takayama Interior 3

I am a printmaker based in London. Having recently retired from a career in interior design, the subject of my printmaking practice has almost entirely been the built environment. Increasingly, however, I am using landscape as my inspiration; sometimes the landscape of Scotland makes an appearance, since I was brought up there and visit home regularly, or the mountains of north Wales where my husband's family is from.

A large number of the prints shown on this website are etchings based on a visit to a traditional Japanese house in Takayama (Yoshijima Heritage House). Working within architectural practices, I became aware of the preference for architectural photographers to take photos of empty buildings, seemingly unoccupied. While this doesn’t reflect how the buildings are used, they do imply an absence which is somehow intriguing – you know that somebody inhabits these spaces, but where are they? Have they just left the room? What is hidden behind the screens or open doors?

Recently I have been exploring the technique of collagraphy - using card as the matrix for printing. This has resulted in a series of colour prints based on a recent trip to Italy - you'll find these within the 'Various' section. I have also made a start on what I hope will be a series of reduction linocuts, based on landscapes in the UK - the first of these prints is in my 'Latest work' section.

I have not published prices on this website for each print but would welcome enquiries - the prices for unframed prints range from £80 to £200 (based on size, mainly). I print very small limited editions from 3 to a maximum of 25.

Please see my contact page for the email address to send queries to.

Thanks for taking a look!

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